Men's Gold Earrings

Men’s earrings with 0.4-carat diamond, SI1. Weight 0.46 gram.  Yellow gold 14 carats, 585 ..

₪ 1 050

Men’s earrings with 0.6-carat diamond, SI1. Weight 0.47 gram. Yellow gold 14 carats, 585 s..

₪ 1 500

Earrings for men have gained popularity long ago. Today men's earrings - studs - are a fashion trend that has millions of fans around the world, including famous actors, athletes, art workers, businessmen. We offer earrings in the form of studs in red, white, yellow gold 14 carat, 585 assay value. With zircon or diamonds. In our online store you can buy earrings for men