Product replacement

• Switch product by invoice in just 14 days. Refunds will be legally given within ___ business days only, over a purchase amount of ____ , refunds will be given according to the payment method the customer paid. For cancellation of a transaction, 5% or 100 NIS of the transaction value will be deducted according to the lowest of them.
• The credit is personal and not transferable or for sale.
• Replace an item with its value at replacement.

Cancel reservation

1. As a general rule, the customer may cancel the transaction * subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 1981 (hereinafter:
2. You can cancel a product purchase 14 days after receiving the product, cancellation will only be done by sending a written and / or fax and / or e-mail directly to the store.
3. In case of cancellation of the transaction, the customer will be charged a rate of 5% but not more than NIS 100, in accordance with the law.
4. If the product is provided to the customer, the customer must return the product to the store itself. It is agreed that the customer will return the product in its packaging, complete and without damage and / or damage and / or defect of any kind.
5 It is agreed between the parties that the customer will be charged a full fee for shipping charges, if the product has already been shipped to the customer.
6. The store may cancel any or all or part of the transaction in the following cases:
6.1 There was a misconception, whether in the price of the product or in the description of the product.
6.2 In the case of force majeure, war action, hostility, terrorism and / or anything that would prevent the continued proper sale.
7. A notice of cancellation will be delivered to buyers by telephone and / or e-mail to the address indicated on the registration page.
8. In the event that the product is out of stock after an order has been placed, the store may cancel the sale and / or offer an equivalent alternative product. A notice of such cancellation shall be made in writing or by telephone.

* Cases where a transaction cannot be canceled: